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Do you require setup fees to use Tekagogo?2021-01-29T12:44:54-08:00

There is no sign-up fee or cost to use TEKAGOGO’s software. No arrival fees and no charges until a work order is complete. Tekagogo has extremely competitive hourly rates.

Who is the mobile app for?2020-12-04T11:26:39-08:00

The mobile app is for our independent contractor technicians. They use the app to receive and accept service requests. Dentists use our website to sign up and make service requests.


What if I am billed incorrectly?2019-06-27T11:57:37-07:00

Our technology has been specifically built to provide accurate billing. The “check in / check out” feature requires TEKs to verify the repair with office staff prior to closing the work order and completing the transaction. If there is ever a problem, click here and let us know. We’ll work to get the matter resolved immediately.

What if a repair fails shortly after it was fixed?2019-05-23T16:58:49-07:00

TEKs always do their best to complete the repair right the first time, and TEKagogo is committed to making good on any repair that doesn’t go right. If there is a problem with your repair, click here and let us know. We’ll work to get the matter resolved immediately.

Does Tekagogo have “loaner” equipment?2019-05-23T16:57:54-07:00

As a platform-based company, TEKagogo does not loan out equipment. We suggest that dental professionals contact the distributor that sold you the equipment. TEKs work diligently to ensure you experience as little downtime as possible.

Does Tekagogo work on computer networks?2018-09-26T23:19:53-07:00

You bet! We have a highly experienced and specialized team ready to serve your computer needs.

Can I recommend our favorite technician to become a Tekagogo Tek?2019-06-27T11:58:53-07:00

Absolutely! We are always looking for best-in-class talent, and we love taking recommendations from dental professionals. If you know a technician that would make a great TEK, click here and let us know!

Is Tekagogo available in my area?2024-04-08T22:03:36-07:00

Service is offered in the many major metros across the nation and growing! Check to see if your zip code is available and if there’s an area you’d like us to prioritize, click here and let us know.

Are Tekagogo service technicians trained?2023-12-27T21:08:14-08:00

Yes. Prospective Tekagogo technicians submit to a thorough vetting process before they can become TEKs. Once TEKs begin using our software, training is highly incentivized, so TEKS are always continuing to improve their craft.

How do I get started?2024-04-08T22:02:25-07:00

Log in to on your  computer. You will be prompted to fill out your personal profile. Once completed, requesting a technician is as easy as clicking a button.

Preventative Maintenance

What does Preventative Maintenance include?2020-12-04T11:27:38-08:00

Your office equipment will be inventoried and then you will have prescheduled visits throughout the year to perform maintenance on the heartbeat of the practice (Vacuum, Compressor and Sterilization).

Why should I sign up for Preventative Maintenance?2020-12-04T11:27:15-08:00

Take care of the heartbeat of your practice year-round and make your equipment a priority. Our preventive maintenance program will help reduce future service calls.


How do I go about scheduling a Solmetex installation?2020-12-04T11:28:33-08:00

It’s easy – just go to Solmetex page and click “Get Started”.

What is the Solmetex Tekagogo alignment all about?2020-12-04T11:27:55-08:00

Solmetex and Tekagogo are aligning in the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento to ensure you get fast and easy installation for your Solmetex products.


Will I be a W2 employee of Tekagogo?2024-04-18T14:31:28-07:00

Yes, Tekagogo Teks are W2 employees. We aim to provide as much flexibility as possible, while taking the opportunity to provide perks of being an employee.

What tools/parts will I need?2023-12-27T20:56:42-08:00

Once you become a TEK, we would be happy to provide a list and make sure you have everything you would need to perform any service request.

Is Tekagogo available in my area?2023-03-31T12:29:20-07:00

Service is offered in the many major metros across the nation! If there’s an area you’d like us to prioritize, click here and let us know!

Do I need to work fulltime?2023-12-27T20:59:03-08:00

Tekagogo aims to provide flexibility for both part time and full time opportunities.

Do I need experience?2023-03-31T13:00:07-07:00

Yes. Currently, you need to have at least one year experience in the installation or service of dental equipment industry. TEKs must be qualified to be TEK-certified. In the future we hope to have our own training process available through TekU. 

How do I get paid?2019-06-07T10:46:47-07:00

Simple! Every two weeks, we pay out your service hours via your financial institution of choice. We also offer a bonus program. Your wages and bonuses earned to-date are always on display on the TEKagogo app.

How do I get started?2023-12-27T20:53:09-08:00

Easy! Visit and sign up. We will be in touch right away! All TEKs must successfully complete an interview process and background check – the process is quick and easy!

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